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Shed is almost a teenager

It’s been a full 12 years to the day since I set up Shed Research – multi-award winning customer insight consultancy. I often get asked “Why Shed?”.

It was partly about shedding light on old insight and partly about the need to shed research budgets by focusing on what you’ve already commissioned.

But it was originally inspired by me doing “shed” work. Literally.

This used to be my office in the garden of my old house. The house was sold years ago and the shed donated to someone else. They painstakingly took it apart, reassembled it, and painted it an unapologetically bold purple. Not my choice, honest.

I’m sure there’s a gardening or growth metaphor I could use here. But I’ll just stick to being a bit sentimental about the place I set up my business, living its best purple life up in Hemel Hempstead. And about a business that still keeps me entertained and inspired to this day.


(Originally a LinkedIn post from Dan Young – 4th Oct 2023)

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