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Telling the cost-of-living story with video (webinar)

For the past two years, the topic on everyone’s lips has been the cost of living. The Customer Strategy & Insight team at HSBC UK normally synthesise all the research they have on this sort of issue. But this was different. It affected all parts of the Bank, so they needed a different approach to really cut-through.

We worked with the team to synthesise all of the insight they had on what inflation meant for different types of consumer, and for different parts of the business. But rather than just rely on a dull report, we wanted something new.

Inspired by Netflix documentaries like Seaspiracy and Vox Explained, Shed partnered with The Word is Out (market research video specialists) to blend the research and insight from our standard synthesis – including six things the business needed to act on – with real-life stories and news coverage in a video animation. For a relatively small investment, we made something really hard-hitting.

The video was shared throughout HSBC – at the start of numerous meetings, working groups and roadshows.

It was an engaging conversation-starter and acted as a springboard for discussions around customer experience, comms, education and product development.

It was made in such a way that any team in the Bank could take the insight and put their angle on it. The mortgage team could see what it meant for their products, comms and education could see the customer segments they needed to prioritise, and innovation teams could see the customer needs they needed to address. The topic, execution and insight were so broad, the video was relevant to everyone in the Bank.

Our use of Netflix-inspired video pushed our insight further than would have been possible with a standard report. We created a platform for customer-centric planning. And ultimately, we had a bigger and wider impact on the Bank. All for a relatively modest investment.

Hear Dan from Shed and Carly from HSBC’s customer strategy team share the project and some of the video with AURA.

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