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Doing no new research (webinar)

In our award-winning AURA webinar, we talk about how we helped Primark answer a fundamental business issue by conducting no new research.



We worked with Primark to do more with less and understand the biggest strategic challenge it faced as a business.

Sales across the Eurozone were 5.3% up but like-for-like sales in Germany were down 3.2%. This was unfamiliar territory for a brand used to exponential growth.

The business had many different hypotheses as to why this had happened. But it needed an impartial, apolitical view.

We helped Primark assimilate all the insight it had to build a “single version of the truth”. We revisited past research, drew on external data, identified gaps, and recommended what needed to happen next to address “the Germany problem”.

We had spent lots of money on research (primary and secondary), but individual reports sat within individual silos in the business, so we had no consensus on what the key drivers and barriers of choosing Primark in Germany were. The SLT were prepared to pay for yet another research project but we had all the answers; just spread across 27 documents!


Lizzi Seear, Global Insight Lead

Our summary was used to take swift decisions. It led to Primark improving its in-store experience and investing in ATL advertising for the first time in its history.

We were lucky enough to win AURA’s best agency speaker award in 2020 for this talk.

Client: Primark

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