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CRUK’s external landscape

Cancer Research UK (CRUK) is the world’s largest independent cancer research charity. It raised £668m in 2021/22, £86m more than the previous year.

But the charity market is increasingly tough and it’s hard to maintain these impressive results.

To stay on top of its game, CRUK has to continually focus on its supporters and understand where charitable giving is heading. And this means having a strong customer insight function.

Throughout 2022, we’ve helped CRUK’s Insight function to stay on-top of the changes in the charity market, producing an overview of the key economic, charity and consumer trends that impact on the direction of the sector. 

Rachel Binks, Senior Manager (Consumer Insight and Experience), said:

It’s been a pleasure to work with Dan from Shed this year.  He has been quick to understand our requirements and has engaged really well with our internal stakeholders.  He has very effectively pulled out the key themes from the vast amount of information we provided him with, ensuring that we’re up-to-speed with the developments in the economic and consumer landscape

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